Anglican Church in America

Recordings from the three-day clericus on June 15-17, 2011 at the Notre Dame Spiritual Center in Alfred, Maine.

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Address, Bishop Marsh
Synopsis of Bishop Marsh's Opening Presentation

Bishop Marsh summarized for us the recent developments in the Continuum, especially with regard to the Ordinariate offer from the Roman Catholic Church.

A recent conference of Anglicans in Canada which he attended, at which he offered the keynote speech, strongly affirmed our shared heritage and sense of identity that provide hope for greater unity in the future.

The Ordinariate offer, rather than dividing our ranks, has been the catalyst, he said, of bringing us together around those things we all love and cherish.



Fr. Owen Williams

The Ordinal and Clergy Responsibility

The Ordinal and Clergy Responsibility Synopsis
The Ordinal and Clergy Responsibilities...Notes from Fr. Owen

Lecture 2

Practical Applications of the BCP


Archdeacon Koller Lecture 1

Synopsis of Lectures

The History and Development of the BCP and Anglican Thought


Lecture 2

Archdeacon Koller's Lectures

Accompanying materials:

Theology and the Book of Common Prayer

A Selected Bibliography


Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Communion services
for the 1549 and 1552 BCP




Fr. Jim Davis Lecture 1


Lecture 2


Fr. Amos Mihanda's Message

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We owe a great vote of thanks to the organizers, wishing especially to mention Deacon David Moody, who himself was unfortunately unable to attend.

Anglican Church in America