Anglican Church in America
Diocese of the Northeast
Rt. Rev. Brian Marsh, Bishop
Diocese of the Northeast


Presiding Bishop's Easter Message


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


"Alleluia! Alleluia! Christ is Risen!"


Easter Day, that most glorious of Christian festivals, represents the central message of the Christian faith: Christ is risen; sin and death are overcome; eternal life is made manifest; love triumphs over evil. On this particular day, we become Christians in the most definitive and comprehensive way possible, for it is on this day that we proclaim, with the certainty given to us by God, that Christ is risen indeed!


Easter Day brings us a clear and forceful message from God. This message is one of love. Even with all the attendant drama, all the layered centuries of thought that have accumulated around the Easter feast, God's message is ever the same: I have done all this for love of you.


Easter Day is born of God's deep yearning for His people. He loves us beyond the deepest imaginings of our minds and hearts. It is His love that has brought Him to earth - directly to us. God will, we know, do all he can to save us. He will go to the cross for love of his creation. During the past week, we have watched His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, his condemnation before Pontius Pilate. We have watched Jesus carry his cross to Calvary. We have seen the life drain from his exhausted body. We watched as He died. Jesus, God among us, was put to death by His own people. By the people He loves. By men and women He created out of the love of His heart.


And how, after all the agony He has suffered, how does He respond? Does He destroy the world He created, the world that has turned against Him in the most brutal and vicious manner? No. He responds with love. Because He is God. Because He loves us still. Because of that love, He gives His life for us.


Can it be so simple? Our hearts know with certainty the truth; the love of God is so blindingly clear we so often cannot see it. We need the Easter vision to see with the clarity only God can provide. God gives Himself to us fully, completely and without reservation. His love overcomes all the evil we can do to ourselves, to others or to Him. His love is stronger than all the evil that has happened - or ever will happen in this world.


It is Easter Day. The most glorious day in all the history of the world. Let the reality of the victory over sin and death live within your hearts now and always. Let the profound and blinding truth of this particular day warm your hearts, your minds and the very core of your being.


It is Easter Day. We rejoice in the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. May the profound simplicity of what we have been given on this day fill our hearts with unceasing joy. On this particular day. And all the days of our lives!


Your Brother in Christ,



Anglican Church in America