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Picnic with Holy Redeemer Anglican Church on August 28, 2011

We were scheduled for a picnic in the park after the 11 a.m. service with Holy Redeemer of Canandaigua NY. Holy Redeemer is a spin-off from our church. Parishioners from St. Lucy's Mission will also join us for this fellowship.
The dean, Fr. Ley was to have a service in the park and have the picnic lunch afterwards. There were places for the children to play and the pavilion to serve the food. Holy Redeemer was hosting it. However, as you know probably better than I that hurricane Irene came that day. The dean was unable to come and several churches cancelled. So Holy Redeemer and Holy Cross attended the service and picnic at Holy Redeemer Church. The winds were 40 mph and it threatened rain. We had the outer bands of Irene that day. Ferocious white caps on the lakes. But it was an okay day. There were about 20 of us who did attend. We had a grand time in spite of the weather and small attendance.

Cover of the handout for the picnic church serviceCover of the handout for the picnic church service.
Holy Redeemer Church, Canandaigua New York
Holy Redeemer Church, Canandaigua New York
Deacon Dale Bove giving announcements.
Deacon Dale Bove giving announcements


Fr. Jim Ayers and Deacon Dale Bove leading the service

Our Picnic Lunch


Our Picnic Lunch - our young acolyte, Cameron Jones, Stu Hotchkiss, sub Deacon Ron Furrer, Sue Anne Furrer, Elsbeth Howland from Holy Cross.

In the back - Nancy Bove, David and Kate Chamberlin.

David Chamberlin, Nancy Bove, Charles Searles,  Kate Chamberlin



David Chamberlin, Nancy Bove, Charles Searles, Kate Chamberlin at the picnic lunch.

Mingling after lunch.



Kate Chamberlin, Dale Bove, Fr Jim Ayers, Nancy Bove, and Hillerie Dodge mingling after lunch.

Cindy Ayers, Lee Rice, Anne Hotchkiss, Elsbeth Howland,
and Sue Anne Furrer, with Leslie Smith, Fr Jim Ayers,
Ron Furrer, Nancy & Dale Bove in the back. Picnic lunch

Picnic lunch Wayne and Leslie Smith, Nancy Lamberton and her husband, Lee Rice John Dodge, and in the back Dale Bove and Hillerie Dodge from Holy Redeemer


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